Friday, September 17, 2010

Two weeks down

So far Brad and I have made it two weeks with two daughters! Having two in diapers is not the most fun, but thankfully I am used to changing diapers all day long thanks to work. But it would be nice if the girls didn't try to gang up on us by giving us massive poopy diapers at the exact same time. But I guess it's just a little taste of what it is going to be like when they are both teenagers. Brad has been a huge help, especially with taking care of Peyton so I can focus on Campbell. He has also been helping out with night time feeds which is awesome. The girls and I are pretty lucky to have a guy like him in our lives.

Campbell has been a fabulous baby so far. She sleeps for the majority of the day and night, although I think she likes being up at night more so than day. She is a great eater and does well with breastfeeding (thankfully). It is funny to see how much more laid back Brad and I are with the second baby; we are stressing out about way less this time around.

Peyton has been a wonderful big sister. She loves having baby Campbell around, loves to hold her, and help me change her diaper. She was overwhelmed with her big birthday weekend and then me and Brad being gone all week at the hospital during Campbell's arrival and was starting to act out. But as soon as we all came home from the hospital and we got her back on a schedule, she has been behaving so well! Hardly any tantrums (which is a miracle) and has been so sweet and loving. Definitely helps me and Brad out with having a newborn in the house. Also, Mother's Morning Out has started up again, so she goes to "school" twice a week from 9-1. This helps me out tremendously!

Things are going well so far! Biggest complaint is lack of sleep, but it could be a lot worse. Peyton did not sleep at all for the first 6 weeks, so that is a huge switch with Campbell since she loves sleeping. Hopefully things will continue like this and Campbell will take it easy on us!

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