Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She's walking!

Campbell is walking!

She's been taking a few steps at a time for the past month or so, but as of this week she is taking several steps at a time. And she's only 10 months old! Well, she will be 11 months on Sunday, but I'm still writing it down as walking at 10 months. What a genius!

I am long overdue on uploading pictures and I will do so soon. I am amazed at how some moms blog every night or every other night. By the time bedtime arrives for the kids, I am begging to get in bed myself. Two kids under the age of three really keep you busy. And I am sure it's going to get even crazier now that both can walk. Yikes!

Other accomplishments Campbell has achieved/things about her:
Two more teeth are coming in (her top front) for a grand total of 4.
She is clapping, dancing, and waving bye bye.
She can say mama, bye bye, milk and other words that I cannot think of right now (I'm such a bad mom!).
She no longer uses the bath seat in the bathtub; she now sits in the tub like her big sister, which isn't always the best thing since the floor is a slippery little sucker.
She likes "talking" on the cell phones, knows to hold it up to her ear.
She LOVES climbing up on things.
She figured out how to climb on and off our bed, but is unsuccessful quite a bit (the bruises say it all).
She has the best belly laugh!
When she does talk, her voice is always so hoarse - probably from her screaming nonstop the first few months, thanks to colic.
She will eat ANYTHING you give her or she snatches away from her sister.
She loves blueberries, puffs, toddler cheetos, sweet potatoes; ok she loves all food.
She uses the sippy cup so well; still drinking formula and water, no juices yet although I'm sure she would love to.
She wears 12-18 months clothes. The kid has some meat on her bones.

Overall, she is a happy, healthy little girl who loves playing with her big sister!

I cannot believe that in a month, Campbell will be 1 and Peyton will be 3. Crazy!!