Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm not ready...

I'm not ready for Peyton to turn 3. Maybe I'm so sleep deprived and can't remember, but I think the terrible twos wasn't so bad. Don't get me wrong, Peyton is a handful, to put it mildly. She has an endless supply of energy that wears us thin most days. People, after spending a short amount of time with Peyton, often comment on her hyperactivity. She's a busy girl. And in my mind, she has won several Oscars for Most Dramatic Meltdown and Drama Queen. The kid knows how to use her lungs. In fact, she is teaching Campbell quite nicely how to efficiently use her lung capacity when she wants something NOW. Thanks kiddo.

But, she's getting older! I often find myself in awe when she says or does something that an older kid would do. I am just not ready for it. I have enjoyed the past year with her so much, I am afraid to see what the new year is going to bring us. Is she going to start being too cool for her mommy and daddy? Sometimes she calls me Mom or, gasp, Katie! Don't stop saying mommy yet please! I am so not ready to be Mom. What if she doesn't want to snuggle with me anymore because she needs to divert all her attention on selecting an outfit for the day? Oh the horror.

I will have to admit that it is pretty neat seeing her develop into her own person. Her fashion style is impressive (on most days), and her vocabulary is expanding by the minute. Speaking of, this afternoon when she was frustrated about not being able to open her lunchbox, she muttered "oh damnit." YIKES. Definitely have to watch Every. Word. I. Say. Her new favorite phrase is, "Oh, that's so cool!" It cracks me up everytime she says it. Could she BE any cuter?

One of her favorite things to do nowadays is sing. And I may be a little biased, but she is awesome at it! She learns the words to a song much faster than me, and she loves to sing at the top of her lungs. One of her favorite groups is Sugarland. Like I said, they kid's got style. She snaps, she swings her booty (or head if she's in the carseat), and she belts it out. I absolutely love it.

Dear Peyton, please don't grow up too fast for me. I just cannot handle it! You are my firstborn and have a special place in my heart. Love you sweetie!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anyone up for some shoplifting?

This past Friday, I took the girls with me to a cute store at the summit called Swoozies to pick out invitations for Campbell and Peyton's birthday parties. First of all, taking your grumpy two-year old to a nice store is not a good idea. Peyton touched everything and picked up only the things that were breakable. The poor sales lady was sweating with worry. After 30 minutes of deciding on the right invitation for both girls, picking out the cutest font and wording, we were done. We looked around the store for a minute and found some cute lunchboxes for the girls, then finally went to check out. The sales lady and I were having small talk while I was paying, and the girls were quiet for once. Side note - quiet = someone is up to no good. We walked out, loaded up into the car as quickly as possible since it was 98 degrees, and off we went. Just as I pulled out of the parking lot, Peyton says:

Mommy, look at my ring. Oh, it is just so pretty.

My mind was quickly replaying every step in the store, and instantly my stomach started getting queasy.

Um, Peyton, we didn't get a ring.

No, mommy, look!

I finally mustered up the couraged and slowly turned my head back so that I could see what had. Yep, a really cute ring was sitting on her tiny finger. (Side note - the kid's got style.)

I was horrified, yet found myself laughing. Only Peyton.

I wasn't able to return the ring that day, then I am working all weekend, so Monday we will make a return trip to the store so Peyton and I can apologize (profusely) and pay for the lovely ring. I can't take it away from her, that's just too mean. She is only two afterall. Plus I might be borrowing that ring a few times. She really did pick a cute ring!

Hopefully there won't be a WANTED sign posted on the store window with a picture of Peyton on it...