Monday, September 20, 2010

My sweet Peyton

Dear Peyton,

You are two years old. I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. I still remember the first few weeks after your daddy and I brought you home from the hospital. You certainly made us question our parenting skills. You hardly let us sleep at all those first six weeks and introduced yourself loud and clear to the neighborhood with all your screaming during the late hours of the night. Then one night, you decided it was time to give us a break. You deemed us worthy and started to sleep through the night and have done so since then (with a few exceptions, but no complaints here!). You have always been a fabulous sleeper and we appreciate that so much.

You loved to eat the first year of life; bananas were your favorite food hands down. Allen onced teased us, saying we needed a crane to get you out of your carseat. I was often told that you certainly were a healthy baby, which I found out later was a nice way of saying "man, your baby is chubby!" But I didn't mind; your rolls were adorable and your cheeks were cute enough to eat. Nowadays you are slimming down and losing your baby fat, which I will admit I am somewhat sad to see go. You are just growing up too fast for me! Your diet nowadays mainly consists of foods that would make your pediatrician have a stroke, but we won't tell her. My former fabulous eater has turned into the pickiest eater ever. You seriously could win award for your pickiness if there was such a thing. I know Mimi is just loving it since I was a picky eater myself (supposedly I would only eat hot dogs till I was eight years old). We can often persuade you to eat watermelon, grapes, and apples with peanut butter. You immediately rule out any veggies so I don't even bother cooking any for you at this point. You aren't wild about meat except for hotdogs and chicken nuggets. You LOVE cheetos and m&ms. You used to hate sweets and any foods that were really cold. Now, cupcakes and ice cream are some of your favorite foods. Meal times are a huge struggle with you, but we will work on that.

You have always been a happy and energetic little girl. You love to explore your surroundings and love to give your mommy and daddy gray hairs with your adventurous (aka daredevil) side. People are amazed at how much energy you have. You do not sit still. Ever. Even in your sleep. But since you got some movies for your second birthday, I have managed to get you to sit on the couch for a total of 5 minutes - an amazing feat. You love the movie Tarzan and often imitate what Tarzan says (makes me giggle every time). When we go on walks around the neighborhood, you check every tree to make sure there are no monkeys in there.

You are a tough girl and certainly can hold your own. Your poor little legs are always covered in bruises, but you proudly show them off to anyone that will listen. You ask for kisses when you get a boo boo and say "that didn't hurt" when you knock your head or bump into something. You are a tomboy who loves to go shopping and wear dresses. Recently, you absolutely love being told that you look pretty and often break out into a huge smile when someone tells you they like what you are wearing. You are vocal about what clothes you want or don't want to wear that day. I believe you have even taught your daddy a little about fashion (a huge thanks to you sweetie).

I was worried about your speech for awhile since some of the words you say are slightly off, but now you are talking up a storm. You tell us stories with your wild imagination and I love every second of them even if I can only make out a word or two. You are putting sentences together and learning how to express what you want. You understand what I am saying when I ask you to do something. You can identify all the main colors and animals and what sounds they make. You have such a curious mind and love to ask us to name every single object for you. You are so smart and love to learn new things. You love to tell me and daddy what to do, often shouting commands at us such as "get that ball daddy!" I look forward to all your stories and can't wait till we can start gossiping together.

You have surprised both me and daddy at how well you have adjusted to having a little sister. You adore her and make sure she is ok. When Campbell cries, you immediately let me know that she is crying and then go over to her and help her calm down. You know how to give Campbell a pacifier very gently and often help me burp her during feeding times. You cover Campbell up with a blanket when you think she is cold but you are always sure to leave her face uncovered. You are so kind and sweet with her, it just amazes us both. You have not been jealous at all, not even one time. You are the perfect older sister and Campbell is so lucky to have you.

Peyton, you are the world to me and daddy. You certainly can be a handful and have made me pull my hair out many, many times (this is why I started this blog, so I could prove to you what you did when you were little). You are incredibly fiesty and stubborn. But you are perfect. Your smile and laughter immediately make the world a better place. You make me and daddy laugh so hard with your silliness. You make our hearts melt with your kisses and hugs. And you make us appreciate life having you and Campbell in it.

Happy second birthday sweetheart! Let's pray that the terrible twos are too terrible for us all!

I love you my chunky monkey.

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