Friday, May 25, 2012

And then there were three...

On April 19th, after several months of worrying we would have a premature delivery, baby boy Grayson made his arrival at 7:25 am weighing 6 pounds and 5 ounces and 19 inches long! The c-section went well thanks to fabulous doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists although I had to have several doses of nausea medicine (since throwing up is so fun while having your belly wide open). Grayson came out kicking and screaming, letting us all know his lungs are perfectly healthy. He latched on so well during the first feed and we were all so impressed. That should have been our first warning that this kid LOVES to eat all day and night long. Seriously. The girls came to the hospital later that day and instantly fell in love with their new little brother. During the past few weeks, the girls have been huge helpers, love to shower their brother with hugs and kisses (and share germs, thanks), and have adjusted well overall with the new addition. The first two weeks were brutal since the girls did act out by refusing to nap or sleep in their rooms at night, and Grayson was so very fussy. Things are getting better and we are trying different formulas for Grayson to see what helps him feel better. Both the girls were lactose intolerant (in fact, Campbell is just now tolerating milk at 20 months old) so we are assuming baby brother is the same way. So far soy formula is working. Unfortunately he does not tolerate breast milk well at all, so I have stopped nursing. I'm ok with this for the most part, but I am bummed as well. I was hoping to nurse him for awhile since I couldn't with Campbell for very long, but as a friend said, a happy baby is much more important! Plus, trying to nurse/pump with three kids 3 years old and under was a total nightmare. I don't have time to pee, let alone be hooked up to a pump for 15-20 minutes. Grayson is now five weeks old, we are all still alive, the house is still standing, and I still have hair. This is good. Some days are so hard and I don't know how I will survive, but I do. Having three kids 3 years old and under has been really difficult at times. But those moments where giggles, smiles, hugs and love hide the sleep deprivation, the messy house, my tears and frustration, wow, they are so worth it. Can't wait to watch Grayson develop into his own little person and see what kind of personality he will have, and who he will look like. Till then, taking it one day at a time and hoping for more sleep soon!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ready for Grayson to get here..

Yep, still pregnant. Grayson has decided that now since it is safe to be born, he's going to burrow his little (read: massive) self in my belly and refuse to come out.

I. Am. Miserable.

And that's putting it VERY nicely. I am beyond huge. I should walk around with a caution tape plastered across my fat pregnant self as I tend to knock things, and people, over when I move. Furniture vibrate as I walk by. Little kids scurry away quickly when they see me coming. Or they stand right in front of me and I trample all over them since they are below my line of sight thanks to this massively ginormous belly I have attached to my front region. The damn thing needs its own zip code, it's that big. And I ain't lying. For the first time ever, my belly button is completely flat; it's usual deep cavernous hole has disappeared - the one thing I enjoy nowadays!

But on a serious note, I am very thankful that we have made it full term (37 weeks as of last Thursday). There were several times that we just knew Grayson wouldn't make it this far. So, we are very blessed and a sigh of relief can be had. But now it's time to get on with this birthing process. Like now. I have an appointment tomorrow at 2:45 pm, and I will be giving my OB an ultimatum of delivering me by Friday. Preferably Thursday because the last thing I need to do is have a c-section on Friday the 13th (OMG, asking for more drama!). I will be posting a Facebook status tomorrow morning asking for any and all suggestions on how to get my OB to deliver me this week instead of waiting till the 19th. I will be taking both girls with me and seeing that it will be their nap time and they will have spent the morning at school, I can almost guarantee my blood pressure will be high from two tired and whiny toddlers. Bonus!

Aside from being fat and miserable from typical pregnancy issues, my migraines have become so severe that some days I am stuck in bed all day, forcing brad to do everything with and for the girls. This has been hard on him, and for the most part, he has been understanding. I think he is finally realizing how bad my migraines have been, and I get less guilt trips from him.

So, it could be that I will have my baby boy Grayson in my arms (!) this week! If not, then we will keep on surviving and growing until April 19th and not a single day past that. I work Tuesday, Thursday, Friday of this week, then Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday after that, and then Grayson will make his debut Thursday!

Regardless of his final arrival date, I will soon have three kids, 3 years and younger.