Monday, February 16, 2009

Brad (left) when he was a toddler, what a cutie!

I am finally on day shift at the hospital! So now I work from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm three days a week, which is so nice since I get to come home and eat dinner with Brad and tuck Peyton in bed for the night. I absolutely love my new schedule! Also, working three days a week is awesome because now I truly have 4 days off instead of using those off days to catch up on sleep like I had to when working night shift. Perfect!

Peyton is just doing so incredibly well. My entire family - mom, dad, sister, neice - in addition to me, Brad, and Peyton were all very sick two weeks ago with some kind of viral infection. We were all miserable, and Brad, Peyton, and I still have colds. Poor Peyton has two new teeth and with a nasty cold, she is just miserable sometimes! But she is a trooper, especially when I have to suction out her nose to get all the goop out. Poor thing! However, Brad and I are so proud of her for having two teeth and she's not even 6 months yet!

Peyton's six month appointment is on February 27th, which so happens to be her six-month birthday. I am extremely curious to see how much she weighs now; I believe she weighed 15 pounds at her 4 month appointment (I will have to go look it up in her baby book). I am nervous about the six month immunizations since hearing about poor Frances having febrile seizures after she got her shots. Scary, scary. Some of the babies at work have had severe reactions to their immunizations but I believe this is because they are still very small and getting all those shots at once can really overload their bodies. So now, if it is time for a baby to receive his/her two or four month immunizations, we give two one day, and give the other two a few days later. Anyways, I always worry about Peyton getting her immunizations but so far she has handled them quite well, especially with the help of baby Tylenol.

So far Peyton's achievements are: sitting up by herself for long periods of time (and not in the tripod position anymore), grasping toys and objects well with both hands and transferring objects from one hand to the other, learning how to manipulate toys to make sounds, going from laying down to sitting up all by herself, having two teeth, and jumping for 30 minutes to an hour in her exersaucer. She loves her exersaucer! Peyton is also obsessed with her baby Einstein videos. In fact, she gets grumpy when she isn't able to watch at least one or two shows a day. Good lord, the girl is addicted. Peyton has rolled over a few times, but not for me! She has done it for my mom, my sister, and Brad. I am so upset that I haven't seen her do it yet. And trust me, I have tried to get her to do it for me but Peyton seriously does not like being on her stomach for more than 30 seconds. She much rather be sitting up and looking around. I am worried that she is developmentally behind on the rolling over thing, but seeing her sit up by herself for very long periods of time reassures me that she is absolutely perfect!

Peyton may be the spitting image of her daddy, but she does demonstrate one trait that is all me: she has to have a blanket covering her face when she sleeps. Growing up, I always had to have my blanket touching my face. In fact, sadly, to this very day I still sleep with my blanket. One day I will pass it down to Peyton but I am not quite ready to do that. Instead, my grandmother has made Peyton a beautiful blanket (like she did for me) she sleeps with that. I love seeing her pull her blanket over her face when she is falling asleep. It is just too cute!

Peyton sleeping with blankets over her face (actually, with my blanket since all of hers were in the wash). And yes, she covered her face by herself.

All bundled up for a walk!

The sweetest little girl ever!

Loving the carrots!