Monday, January 5, 2009

Can't sleep so I am updating

I worked Friday and Saturday nights so today (Sunday) my schedule is all messed up. I actually like working nights at the hospital but I don't like how it affects life outside of work. Hopefully I will be able to start working days in June, but we will see. I think I am around 15th on the waiting list. They just moved several people to day shift, so my turn is getting closer (hopefully). Work is going well. I love working with the babies. A lot of people don't understand how I can work with such small and sick babies but it is one of those specialties in nursing that nurses really have a huge impact and the lives of the babies truly depend on us. It is thrilling and extremely challenging. Yes there are some really hard days and truly sad cases but knowing that I am making a difference in these babies and parents' lives make up for all the pain and anguish. I love it!

Peyton is doing FABULOUS! I hope everyone got their Christmas cards. It literally took me and my mom 4 hours to get decent pictures of Peyton and Peyton and Evans. I sent the one of Peyton and Evans to all my family members and sent the one of Peyton to all my friends and Brad's family. I definitely learned a lesson for next year - Get started earlier on Christmas cards!!! Man, that was a mad dash to get those ready in time. Anyways, Peyton is now 4 months old as of December 27th, I cannot believe it. Although she was in the 25th percentile in weight when she was born, she definitely is on the heavier side nowadays. I am sure you guys were able to notice her lovely chubby cheeks on the Christmas cards. I can't complain though, she is a fantastic eater and sleeps through the night. Brad and I truly have been blessed with how good of a baby Peyton is. Great eater, great sleeper, and hardly ever spits up unless I am bouncing her around too much, hah. Her first tooth is just barely starting to come in so that is exciting but at the same time, I am somewhat dreading it because it is painful for the little ones. So I am loading up with baby Tylenol and Motrin and will administer those without hesitation when it starts to hurt for her. She really loves to chew on people's fingers and cover them with drool. I know all moms say this, but she truly is the cutest little girl I have ever seen! She is perfect. Peyton has her 4 month check-up on Tuesday and she will be getting another round of vacinnations so that's not going to be fun. But I am super curious to see how much she weighs now. Definitely over 14 pounds. She doubled her birth weight in less than 4 months - something they aren't really supposed to do until 6 months. OOPS! Oh well, can't complain.

Let's see what else. Mom and dad got two more puppies recently, both yellow labs. It was really, really hard on everyone when Avery died so suddenly, especially for my mom since Avery was by her side every single day. He was so loyal and protective of my mom and by far the sweetest dog one could ever hope for. When Avery died, mom wanted a new puppy almost immediately, not to replace Avery but because she just could not bear the pain of losing him. I am praying that one of these puppies will be like Avery and become very attached to mom. So now my parents have 4 dogs, crazy. Murphy is doing well but definitely slowing down and have a hard time getting around. He will be 15 (!!!) this April, amazing considering how lazy and overweight he has been all his life. I think with the new puppies and Avery dying, he is determined to stick around for longer.

Alrighty, think that is a good enough update for now. Talk soon!