Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh, the drama

Well Peyton has definitely inherited the drama queen gene that may or may not run in her moma's side of the family. The girl is good. Oscar-worthy good.

You tell her "no" and you better grab the popcorn, seat yourself on the nearest chair, and prepare yourself for quite a show. First, she gives you the evil one-eyed look. Then, she looks around and knocks over any object within a foot radius (this applies to plants twice her size and 100-pound dogs). Finally, comes the dramatic body slam onto the floor accompanied with a cry so loud that it will make any new mom or non-mom search frantically for some candy, ice cream, ANYTHING to appease the poor child. Me? Nope. I sit back and pretend to file my nails. Brad? Well, he's getting used to it but occasionally I do see panic cross his eyes very briefly with his hands itching to find the nearest toy to soothe her. The dogs? They know to take cover as soon as the word "no" is said or else they will be on the receiving end of a hard core body slam. I do feel bad for my hardwood floors though. They are definitely getting some dents here and there. Thankfully Peyton's head is pretty sturdy. She's only managed to give herself one bruise during her meltdowns.

She did feel the need to give one of her most dramatic meltdowns at Walgreens the other day (the number 1 meltdown that will never be beaten occurred at the Wal-Mart in Alex City, AL - I am still traumatized by it, ask my mom). I am still contemplating on sending a Hallmark card apologizing to all employees and customers for exposing them to Peyton's bloody murder screaming that lasted for 5 minutes. I truly do not think she even stopped crying to take a breath. One good side effect of having a dramatic body slamming toddler breaking down in the middle of a pharmacy? Your prescription will be moved to the first of the line to be filled, no matter how many people are waiting and how long they have been waiting. I'm pretty sure other customers encouraged the pharmacist to hurry my order along. I had to go back a few days later with yet another prescription and unfortunately had to bring Peyton along with me. I am telling you, they had that prescription filled in seconds. They know not to mess with my kid.

Peyton starts her first day of Mother's Morning Out tomorrow. I am so excited for her and ridiculously nervous. I worry about Peyton biting, pushing, head butting, slapping, and body slamming other kids. I swear, you would think we are raising our child to be the next woman WWF wrestler. I hope she has a great time and learns how to socialize with other kids since she doesn't see many her age. We shall see how it goes and I will keep you guys updated!