Friday, April 29, 2011

Maybe if we tried...

Maybe if we tried to be sick all the time, we will actually be healthy? There has to be something I am doing wrong because the kids and I are sick all. the. time.

Both girls had nasty eye/sinus drainage last week and despite being on antibiotics, both their nastiness moved into their lungs and took a toll on their little bodies. Campbell is on antibiotics and eye drops, and Peyton is on two strong antibiotics and eye drops as well. Brad has been sick with the girls but I had successfully managed to escape the germs. Until Wednesday. Woke up and knew it was my turn with the gunk. Today I have felt worse than I have in a very, very long time.

Last night was a very long night. The girls took turns waking up with fevers and forceful coughs that caused them to throw up. And as soon as I was able to lay my head on the pillow for a few brief moments, I would wake up to Brad coughing so hard it shook the bed. (Yet, he slept through it. Really, folks, really?). This morning at 8:15, I got on the phone with the pediatrician and made an appointment. Thankfully, we were able to get an appointment for 10:30. I was planning on taking a long shower during that time to ease my chest discomfortant and let the girls play while I did that. But nope. It took us two hours to get ready because as soon as I would get Campbell cleaned up from vomit, Peyton would be covered in green gunk, and so it went on. Back and forth, back and forth. I added three new loads of laundry to the ever growing pile.

Finally, I was able to throw the girls in the car and off we went. Of course today would be the day we had to spend forever in the waiting room. We have been very lucky with extremely short wait times, until today. Finally it was our turn. Both girls had temps over 100, and both were very irritable. We went over the entirel list of symptoms (which took a good 10 minutes) and the doctor was concerned about their coughs and decided to check their oxygen saturations. Peyton was 87 and Campbell was 91%. Nothing dangerous, but too low for comfort. At this point, the doctor discussed the possibility of admitting both girls to the hospital since, 1) they have been sick for awhile now despite being on strong antibiotics, and 2) due to the fact that there is a large outbreak of severe bronchiolitis going around. She already had to send two other patients to the hospital that morning. Breathing treatments were ordered for both girls and wow, they were so good with those. Peyton had a little meltdown at one point, but I think it was because everything hurts and she really just doesn't feel well. Afterwards, both girls' oxygen levels went up to 94 and the doctor said no hospital at this point. But if they do not improve, or if they get worse, over the weekend, off to Children's Hospital we go.

So we are home with the diagnoses of bad cases of bronchiolitis for both girls and we are doing the inhaler every 4 hours for two days in addition to the antibiotics. Eye drops have been stopped thankfully. Do you know how hard it is to put eye drops in a two year old's eyes? Not an easy feat, let me tell ya. I am begging both girls to take a nap to rest their bodies and to let me rest as well. But of course, they are wired from the inhaler and running laps around the house. I think a nap is going to be out of the question. I did ask if I could give Peyton some Dimetapp for her cold and cough, and unfortunately was told no, not until she is four years old - something I knew, but hey, a mom can hope for a good night of sleep, right?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Today, BOTH girls woke up with swollen eyes, nasty green drainage, and low grade fevers. Peyton has really embraced the "Sharing is Caring" philosophy. Unfortunately, she only applies it to germs. Thankfully the pediatrician (who I have on speed dial) told us we could come by the office this morning and pick up some eye drops. She is awesome! Those drops are over 20o dollars, and she is giving them to us for free. I'm sure we have already paid for them with how many sick visits we make a year.

Brad totally won some major points today. Our anniversary is tomorrow (sadly, I have to work), but this morning I received a gorgeous necklace, a pretty ring, and some beautiful flowers! Earlier last week, he also surprised me with a trip to Boston in June to see a concert (I don't know who yet, still a surprise). We are going to make a long weekend out of it, and we get to spend an entire day sleeping!!! 24 hours of nothing to do but sleep and lounge in bed. BEST PRESENT EVER! I feel awful, I did not get him anything. I was going to wait till Boston to give him his anniversary presents. So I have some catching up to do and find some awesome gifts for him. Maybe a nap?

So this weekend we are going to spend some time getting the girls healthy again. Sadly, we are missing a birthday party today that we have been looking forward to for some time. But I know my kids will gladly share their germs with everyone and that would be a nightmare. I have to work tomorrow and miss Campbell's first Easter, but I know the girls will have a lot of fun with their daddy. I think we are going to do a last minute Easter Egg hunt for Peyton later this afternoon, depending on how everyone is feeling.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Go away germs!

Poor Campbell has struggled with lactose intolerance, reflux, and having a big sister who loves to share her germs she brings home from Mother's Day Out. For the past month and half, Campbell has had a cold and cough. Coughing plus reflux = a lot of spit ups, discomfort, and changing clothes/sheets. Campbell does eat solids which help with the reflux, but she is still miserable a lot of the time. I am thinking about going ahead and starting the zantac to help with the reflux, something I have been trying to avoid but it may be time to do it. No one in this house is getting any sleep at night and that just makes our immune systems even weaker. Brad and both the girls are just getting over fever viruses (amazingly I was able to avoid it) and no one slept a wink during that time. I am just getting so frustrated with the fact that Campbell is sick all the time and that she has not outgrown the reflux yet. I can count on one hand the number of times she has slept through the night and she is almost 8 months old. We really did get spoiled with Peyton - she was a fabulous sleeper starting at 6-8 weeks.

As of today, Peyton started having some nasty green/yellow eye drainage so I will be making another call to the pediatrician tomorrow. Seems like no one can get a break around here!

Sorry for the venting, just had to get it out.