Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quite inconsistent...

I am not doing the best job with keeping this blog updated, my apologies.

Peyton is doing absolutely fantastic. She will be four months on December 27th, I just cannot believe it! She has been sleeping through the night consistently since she was 8 weeks old. We are truly blessed to have such a good sleeper! She is still growing at a rapid rate and now weighs 14 pounds meaning she has just about doubled her birth weight, something she is supposed to do closer to 6 months of age. What can I say, she loves to eat! She has her official four month check up in January and will be receiving her secound round of vaccinations (although I am a bit nervous now due to poor Frances' reaction to the shots). Brad and I think Peyton is starting to teeth a little bit. She is rubbing her jaws together and trying to put anything and everything in her mouth. We are seriously dreading teething but I am going to stock up on Tylenol, Motrin, and those refrigerated teething toys (although she is not a fan of them at the moment).

Two weeks ago we purchased an exersaucer and a swing that goes in the doorway. The exersaucer is the baby einstein model and she seems to enjoy it to some degree. I am honestly a little surprise on how little came with the model (there are hooks on the crossbars to hang your own toys though), but she likes the spinning frog and the music. She is still a little small for the swing and we are a bit reluctant to put her in it before we put padding in the doorway since she can easily swing into it and bump her head quite nicely. We have some serious baby-proofing to do around the house in the very near future. Peyton hasn't rolled over quite yet and that is my fault - I don't put her on her belly enough. When I do put Peyton on her belly on the playmat, a very short amount of time passes before she starts screaming. We need to enjoy the bit of free time we have before she starts crawling and we won't be able to take our eyes off of her but for extremely short periods of time. However, I think Ranger will definitely help out with this. He is absolutely dying for Peyton to start crawling and walking so she can play with him. Ranger has some australian shepherd in him, so he will be good at herding her around the house.

Let's see, what else. Peyton is doing extremely well on the similac sensitive for gasiness and fussiness (lactose free), although she does require Mylicon for some feeds. We just started using the Playtex nurser bottles with the drop-ins and they are a blessing! I highly recommend them, especially for babies who have colic and gasiness. And the clean up is much quicker since you throw away the drop-ins after the feeds. So nice!

I have been paying close attention to Peyton's hearing skills by shaking toys behind each ear and seeing if she turns toward the noise. It was at six months of age when my parents realized I had hearing loss and I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 8 months old. We aren't sure if I was born with a hearing loss or if it occurred after birth. I spoke with the pediatrician about Peyton's hearing and my experience with hearing loss and she instantly decided that we should schedule a hearing test for Peyton when she is six months old. I was very impressed and relieved by the pediatrician's quick response regarding this issue. I think Peyton will not have a problem with hearing loss, but it is always better to be on the safe side.

Alright, I think I rambled quite a bit. I will try harder to update this blog more often but working full time and taking care of a little one definitely keeps Brad and me busy!

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Mary Noller said...

farmsSo happy you updated your blog!! We are getting frances that exersaucer for christmas. good luck with the shots. sure she will do quite well! She is growing up so fast. What a beautiful baby!

Frances rolled over so much, but then she got lazy and absolutely refuses to do it!! haha!!