Monday, December 29, 2008

What a great Christmas holiday!

We had the best Christmas holiday ever! Brad, Peyton, and I went down to DeFuniak Springs, Florida the weekend before Christmas to visit Brad's parents and his brother and his family. We did an early Christmas Saturday night and everyone opened presents. Peyton got some adorable toys and lots of baby einstein videos. I am definitely looking forward to using those to help entertain her since she has a rather short attention span! Mama C and Grand Jack (Brad's parents) were super excited about seeing Peyton and had a great time with her. Peyton loved playing with her grandparents and her cousins Hayden and Alaina. I think Alaina is ready for Peyton to start crawling and walking around so she can have a playmate!

I had to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Christmas eve) nights, but I was able to spend Christmas morning and day with Brad and Peyton. We all went over to my parents house for the day and opened presents and drank mimosas with them and my brother. My sister and her little girl Evans came from Oxford, MS later that day and we had a fabulous Christmas dinner. Fried turkey is truly heavenly (although probably not the healthiest)! My parents gave Peyton fantastic toys including an octopus that squeeks when you squeeze his legs and this huge dinosaur that you can put the baby in and it is filled with balls (I can't describe it well - it is a minature form of those playpens that you see at McDonalds or Chickfila, with those balls and you can jump in....) Anyways, Santa sure was good to Peyton! Brad gave my mom and me the best gifts ever. He gave each of us a picture frame that has several small frames within the large one, so that you can put several pictures like a collage. He put the most perfect pictures of Peyton for me and for my mom he included pictures of the dogs, her parents, Peyton, and my sister and I. My mom and I both burst into tears when we opened them. Truly perfect gift.
Brad also got me an incredible video camera which is going to be fantastic to use as Peyton grows older. This was also the first time Brad and I actually spent the entire Christmas day together. Usually he travels out of town for the day to see his family and I spend the day with mine. This time we were able to enjoy the holiday together and with a little one too! It truly was one of my favorite Christmases ever, despite it being 65ish degrees outside.

Anyways, that is a brief update for now. I will post pictures soon. Peyton turned 4 months old on the 27th! She has her 4 month check up on January 6th and I am curious to see how much my little chunky money weighs! I know that two weeks ago when she had to go in for a check up since I had a contagious form a pneumonia (I had exposed her to it before realizing that I had it, but she was healthy and still has not gotten sick, thanks to her daddy's immune system!) that she weighed 14 pounds!!! She doubled her birth weight in under four months! Babies aren't really supposed to do that until 6 months. But oh well, she loves to eat and she is healthy!

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