Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where does the time go?

I love reading blogs and usually visit several different blogs several times a day. Some days, it's how I keep my sanity. Before Campbell was born, I used to update my blogs (I have two, one for the family and one for me and my close friends where I can vent without being judged, hah) on a regular basis. But nowadays, I am awful at updating. By the time nighttime comes around, I am just too tired to update. I am going to try harder though, so that way I can just update a little bit every night or every other night instead of having to do very long updates once a month. We shall see.

Campbell is now 13 months old! Craziness. She is walking and has been since she was 10 months old. She is into everything and loves playing/fighting with her sister. She will eat anything and everything, including inedible stuff. She is still on formula because she cannot tolerate milk. When I did try milk, she proceeded to outdo the girl from the exorcist and coated my car with vomit. I'm still cleaning that up a month later. I will be trying lactose-free milk as soon as I can muster up the courage to do so. I might have to do fat-free or reduced fat milk because the girl has some meat on her bones. I mean, she is a porker. She hit the 24 pound mark this week. Thankfully she is on the taller side. She is wearing 18-24 month sized clothes, and some of those are snug on her. You would think I feed her hot dogs and cheetos all day (I don't). She is very bowlegged and I will be looking for a pediatric orthopedic this upcoming week. I was hoping she would grow out of it, but she is getting more bowlegged as time goes on. So between her chunkiness and bowlegged-ness, she is quite a sight to watch when she waddles down the street.
Campbell is FINALLY sleeping through the night on a regular basis. Only took a year for her to do that. Peyton started sleeping through the night at 6-8 weeks old, so we had a hard time when Campbell refused to do the same. I think she is finally over her reflux, which is nice. No more tossing stained clothes out. Campbell goes to Mother's Morning Out at our church two days a week and I think she is doing well with it. Sadly I've only been able to drop her off myself once so far due to work. Let's see, what else. She has 8 teeth and I think molars might be coming in soon? Campbell was talking a lot a few months ago, but all of a sudden completely stopped. She went from saying several words and being able to point things out and calling them by name. But now she will not talk at all. She will babble occasionally, but it's nothing like it used to be. The pediatrician is in the process of setting up a hearing appointment soon and we will go from there.

Peyton is doing well. However, she is teaching me that the terrible twos are NOTHING compared to the troublesome threes. She cries and whines everyday and throws temper tantrums on a regular basis. No matter how hard I try to get her to stop and start acting like a big girl, nothing works. She can be extremely difficult nowadays, especially with bedtime; she wants to sleep on the ottoman in our room every night. I cannot wait until she grows out of this phase. I miss my sweet girl!
Peyton recently had a hearing, speech, and developmental assessment at school. She failed her speech and developmental exams and will need to be reassessed again in the near future. If she performs poorly again, she will need speech therapy and developmental (?) therapy. I knew her speech was off and the way she talks is kinda funky. But I was surprised by her developmental exam. Peyton went from young 2s class to 3K this year; everyone else in her young 2s class went to the older 2s class, she didn't. I think by that, she missed learning some skills and is therefore a little behind than the rest of her 3ks classmates. So I am not too concerned about it but we will see how the reassessment goes.

Ok, that is a little update. I will really try to update on a regular basis!

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Mary Noller said...

you are a great mama to those girls! i agree, 3 is a lot harder on us than 2s!!