Friday, September 16, 2011

Holy. Smokes.

The MINUTE Peyton turned three, she turned into this drama queen who thinks whining and crying should be done every second of the day. We have had more meltdowns and tantrums during the past three weeks than the entire year she was two. Seriously, the terrible twos was a vacation compared to the troublesome threes.

Bedtime has become a huge nightmare. She screams and protests for an hour, maybe even two some nights, and refuses to go to bed at her bedtime. So with her finally falling asleep around 10 pm every night and waking up several times during the night, and coming into our room around 6 am, she is seriously sleep deprived. This sleep deprivation is playing a huge role in the numerous meltdowns. I have exhausted every breath explaining to her how important sleep is, but she often blows me off, and I swear she has even said "whatever" once or twice. Bedtime is torture around here nowadays.

We also have had heated discussions about what she wants, can, and cannot wear to school. She usually has a great sense of fashion, but sometimes her outfits are just not appropriate. Like the time she wanted to wear an Auburn sweatshirt with hot pink tights, no shorts, skirt, or pants - just tights and a sweatshirt. That is just wrong on so many levels, with the Auburn sweatshirt being the most offensive part of the outfit. ROLL TIDE! But, I have learned that I just need to pick my battles, and if she wants to wear a hot pink shirt with purple shorts and green shoes, then so be it. At least I won't lose her in the crowd.

Sharing is another issue. According to Peyton, Campbell has to share every single toy she has, but Peyton doesn't have to share anything at all. I have seen screaming fits and meltdowns that are so dramatic, it's comical. If Campbell has a book and won't let Peyton take it away from her, it's the end of the world for Peyton. Like seriously y'all. Nothing else matters - food, water, shelter, air - NOTHING is more important than that very book Campbell has in her hands. Oh the horror!

I am really hoping Peyton will chill out soon. If not, I will have to start going to the salon to get my hair colored. Gray hairs will be sprouting VERY soon if she doesn't take a chill pill!!!

Peyton - PLEASE! Give your momma a break. I promise, you will be ok if you don't get your way every second of the day. I promise.

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