Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Today, BOTH girls woke up with swollen eyes, nasty green drainage, and low grade fevers. Peyton has really embraced the "Sharing is Caring" philosophy. Unfortunately, she only applies it to germs. Thankfully the pediatrician (who I have on speed dial) told us we could come by the office this morning and pick up some eye drops. She is awesome! Those drops are over 20o dollars, and she is giving them to us for free. I'm sure we have already paid for them with how many sick visits we make a year.

Brad totally won some major points today. Our anniversary is tomorrow (sadly, I have to work), but this morning I received a gorgeous necklace, a pretty ring, and some beautiful flowers! Earlier last week, he also surprised me with a trip to Boston in June to see a concert (I don't know who yet, still a surprise). We are going to make a long weekend out of it, and we get to spend an entire day sleeping!!! 24 hours of nothing to do but sleep and lounge in bed. BEST PRESENT EVER! I feel awful, I did not get him anything. I was going to wait till Boston to give him his anniversary presents. So I have some catching up to do and find some awesome gifts for him. Maybe a nap?

So this weekend we are going to spend some time getting the girls healthy again. Sadly, we are missing a birthday party today that we have been looking forward to for some time. But I know my kids will gladly share their germs with everyone and that would be a nightmare. I have to work tomorrow and miss Campbell's first Easter, but I know the girls will have a lot of fun with their daddy. I think we are going to do a last minute Easter Egg hunt for Peyton later this afternoon, depending on how everyone is feeling.

Happy Easter!

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