Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We survived!

Peyton has finished her first school session!

My sister dropped Peyton off at school on Monday since I had to work and said that Peyton did fabulous with the whole drop off process. Of course she's great for her favorite aunt. I asked my mom (she's a retired preschool teacher who has lots of experience with children) why Peyton was so horrible when I drop her off, and she explained to me that it was most likely due to the fact that Peyton knows she can stir a response out of me by throwing such a tantrum. So I was bound and determined to end the summer school session on a good note and have a successful drop off. Side note - it's amazing what your priorities and goals are when you have kids. When I woke Peyton up, I made sure I was cheerful and excited so she would be the same. However, she immediately let me know this wasn't going to happen by crying and whining and refusing to get dressed. 10 minutes later, I was able to negotiate with her on an outfit, which by the way ended up being the first outfit I had originally picked out, but I guess she needed to see several more options just to make sure. We packed her lunch and bookbag and headed out the door. We sang and ate fruit loops. We arrived and said hi to everyone and everything. She walked into her classroom with a smile and I almost cried out in relief. Then came the screaming and body slamming (at least she threw herself onto the floor this time and not another adult or kid). I apologized to the teachers and left. I swore I could still hear her as I got into my car. But oh well. There was no slapping this morning. At least while I was present. And that is a huge improvement that I happily embrace.

Of course she was all smiles when I picked her up and her teachers said she had a great day. I ended up giving them each a 25$ American Express gift card which may have been a little much, but I figured with the amount of work Peyton put them through, it was certainly well deserved. I would have given them each a nice bottle of wine, but I assumed that would be slightly inappropriate at a church-affiliated school.

So all in all, Peyton made it through her first Mother's Morning Out school session! I haven't received any notices or letters kindly suggesting that we look at other schools, so I assume we will start school again on September 8th. I am so proud of my little graduate!

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Ann said...

YAY Peyton!!! :)