Thursday, August 12, 2010


Nap and bed times are dealt with by putting two diapers on Peyton - one on the regular way and another one on top in the reverse direction so that Peyton can't reach the straps and take the diaper off. Duct tape may or may not be used depending on my mood. Then, we put the footed pjs on backwards so that Peyton cannot unzip herself (the zipper is originally on the front side, so we put it on backwards thus making the zipper on her back and unreachable). When all of this is in place, I can sleep peacefully knowing that I will not be awakened by the horrible stench of poop being everywhere.

This afternoon when it was time for a nap, I had the two diapers in place (one on the regular way, one on the reverse way) and threw on a pair of her sleeping pants and put her down. Hour and half later, I go back to her room. The pants are off (which I figured would happen), but the diapers are still intact (meaning she couldn't unfasten them). I get excited that her diapers are still on and think I won't have to deal with any messy cleaning. However, Peyton was standing on one side of the crib and said "eww that's gross" and what was she pointing to? Poop. Laying on the other side of the crib. Somehow Peyton had managed to get poop out of her diaper and decorate one side of the crib. Diapers still on. Poop not in diapers. I just don't get it! She is bound and determined to get that poop out some how some way. And then decorate with it.

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