Friday, April 10, 2009

On Saturday there was an Easter egg hunt followed by hours of entertainment at the park next to my house. I invited Clare and Evans to go with me and Peyton to see how it was. They arrived late and poor Evans only got 6 eggs (my awesome neighbors had their two sons donate some eggs to Evans, so sweet!). After the hunt, Evans went around and rode the carousel, jumped in the huge moonwalk, and rode on the mini roller coaster. Clare and I attempted to get a picture of the girls with the Easter bunny which turned out to be disasterous. I will try to see if I can post the pic, but it was not a pretty sight. It turned out to be a gorgeous day, in the mid 70s with lots of sun. Well both Evans and Peyton ended up getting sunburned. Poor Peyton got her first sunburn at 7 months old. Her arms and face got fried. Whoops. I tried to take pics of the sunburn this morning but little miss Peyton decided she wasn't going to sit still long enough for mommy to take a picture. Peyton may be the happiest baby, but boy she does not sit still. I swear, she will be on adderal and ritalin before she hits 1st grade.
Since she is so fiesty and loses interest in toys quickly, I decided to go to babies r us to find something she can play with and pull herself up on. I found this awesome toy and she loves it. I will have to post pictures because I cannot in any way describe the thing to you. But she loves it, especially when the monkey giggles. She did some major belly laughing today and I absolutely love that sound.
Friday afternoon while at work I got a call from Brad saying that he was about to leave work and go pick up Peyton. The babysitter had called him and said that Peyton was inconsolable and really pulling at her ears. Then I immediately thought that an ear infection could explain why she was waking up every two hours at night. So he headed over to the pediatrician with Peyton to get her checked out. Turns out she does not have an ear infection but she is seriously teething. Also she has an infection of her skin on her head (she has ring worm and has had it for awhile - it's not a worm, but a fungal infection. It's embarrassing to tell people this because of the misconceptions associated with the term Ringworm). So she now will be on antifungal again, but this time for 8 weeks. If it doesn't clear up by then, they are going to do blood work and see if it is something else. I have been putting cortaid on her scalp every night and she has already been on a course of antifungal. I have scrubbed everything she comes in contact with to get rid of the source. I still have no clue where she got it from and while she still has it. Anyways, she has two bottom teeth and usually the two top ones come next, but it seems that two more lower ones are coming in. Weird. So we are loading her up with Motrin and providing lots of teething toys. Hopefully the teeth will come in quickly and we can get past it. She weighed 18 pounds at that visit, goodness! But actually she had only gained a few ounces since her last visit which surprised me since she has always gained weight quickly. I'm thinking she might have lost a little bit of weight since she hasn't been eating as much due to teething. But she is still super healthy and a happy baby.

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