Friday, April 17, 2009

Alrighty, I have a few minutes to myself. Score! (from 'Friends' show... anyone?)

Lauren Havard is in town for a conference and gets to visit with her 'neice' Peyton! Now it's time for the rest of Peyton's Sewanee Aunts to come visit! It is so nice seeing Lauren. It is crazy how much I miss my Sewanee friends, but hopefully a lot of us will be able to get together soon in June to celebrate Hannah's entry into marriage-hood. I am counting on some serious partying and gossiping and catching up people!

Peyton is doing well. Gone are the days that I can put her down and do some chores around the house. She has finally mastered crawling (with her gimp leg style) and she is moving around FAST. I put her down, turn my back for a second, and then look back and she is across the room. Speed demon, good lord. But I am proud of her figuring out the crawling mechanism and becoming such a big girl! She still is a VERY happy baby. Loves to play with anyone and everyone. She does get shy sometimes when she meets new people but then instantly warms up to strangers and wants to play! Too cute. Now, I acknowledge she is the perfect baby and Brad and I have been blessed, but Peyton is learning how to get what she wants when she wants. She is learning that when she cries she gets our attention immediately and Brad and I hurry and do anything and everything to make her happy again. I am starting to learn her 'fake' cry and filter it out from the rest of her cries - sleepy cry, fussy cry, hungry cry, bashed-her-head-into-something cry, and her boredom cry. But thankfully, Peyton is easily entertained and she loves hanging out with people. When I drop her off at the child care at the gym, she gets so excited about watching the big kids running around and playing. She starts to squeal sometimes, it's adorable.

ANYWAYS, I believe it is time for her Sewanee aunts to come pay a visit and meet their neice!
Okie dokie, she is awake.

OH, quick funny story. Earlier this afternoon, I decided to go for a walk with Peyton since I didn't go work out this morning. So here I am walking around, pushing Peyton in her stroller when I decide that it is too sunny and Peyton is going to get fried (again). So I reached down to pull her blanket over her (she was asleep at this point) and guess what? Blanket is gone. Somehow Peyton kicked off the blanket and it fell off without me even knowing. So I had to go back and retrace my steps to find my blanket. I finally found it. In front of a construction zone and lots of men working. They laughed when I picked up the blanket and ran off.

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