Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I finally have found time to start a much needed blog that revolves around our precious daughter, Peyton! I hope friends and family will be able to view this blog and be continuously updated on our evolving lives as parents. Most likely there will be entries that make you wonder if we still have some sanity within us, but hopefully those will be limited!

Just a brief introduction to our family. Brad and I met during the summer of 2004 as we played on the same indoor soccer team. Although we had games every week, our conversations were limited. Then out of the blue, Brad invited me out to have a drink to celebrate my 24th birthday after one of our late night games. That night, after a year of barely talking, we spent 5 hours conversing about anything and everything. We both knew then that we had found something incredibly special. We have been together ever since! During our years together, we have rescued two wonderful dogs, Ranger and Jackson. Ranger, who will be three years old in November, is an Australian shepherd mix who loves to snuggle and visit with humans! Jackson, a German shepherd/lab mix, is our massive guardian of the house. He just turned two years old and weighs 100 pounds! We plan to rescue several more dogs in the near future and encourage anyone and everyone to do so as well. It truly is a rewarding experience.

Brad and I recently bought a fabulous house in Homewood, Alabama and hurried to get the house, especially the nursery, ready in time for Peyton's arrival. She finally made her dramatic entry into this world (after 26 hours of labor, she very stubbornly refused to come out and caused her mom to have a c-section!) on August 27th at 6:43 p.m. She weighed 7 lbs and 4 oz and had a headful of red hair! She was proud and determined to let the world know that she had a set of perfectly healthy lungs; she cried for hours and hours and I started to wonder if I had made a huge mistake.

Peyton is six weeks old today and weighs a very healthy 10 pounds! She jumped from 25% to 75% in weight in a matter of four weeks; she definitely loves to eat!! For a few weeks, Peyton and I struggled with her feedings. She would cry for hours after each feeding and have bellyaches. The doctor confirmed what I had already suspected - Peyton is lactose intolerant. We finally found a formula that she tolerates very well (Similac Sensitive (for gasiness and fussiness, lactose-free)). I am going to try to reintroduce breast milk back into her diet in a few weeks since she is older and hopefully will tolerate it better. We shall see how that goes.

Ok, that is enough for now!

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