Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stomach Bug

The dreaded stomach bug.

I would rather the girls and I get the flu, cold, pneumonia or something like that than the stomach bug. Unfortunately this is Campbell's second bout of the stomach bug. Both the girls had them a few months ago and it lasted 7 days with each girl. It was awful. Nonstop vomiting and diarrhea. I threw out so many sheets, towels, blankets, and clothes because they were all ruined or I just got tired of rewashing them several times a day.

This bug that Campbell has now has really, really hit her hard. We are on day 8 of the bug, and it is starting to ease up a little. She has not thrown up today, but has had it from the other end several times today. It started on Thursday of last week and it wasn't too bad in the beginning. In fact, I thought it was getting better by the following Monday. But Monday night, things really went downhill. I have never seen a 1-year old throw up so much and have that much diarrhea. She did not eat Sunday-Tuesday morning and when she did eat Tuesday, she immediately lost it. It got to the point where she couldn't even keep gatorade down. I took her back to the pediatrician Wednesday morning (I took her last Friday just to see if they could do anything, which they could not), and after a thorough assessment by the pediatrician, she stated she was pretty concerned about Campbell. Campbell was pretty dehydrated and it was taking a toll on her body. Her heartrate was really high, she was very lethargic, her blood flow was a little sluggish, her eyes were sunken, she was very pale, and she was just pitiful. Her mouth was somewhat moist but her lips were chapped. The pediatrician told me that I had until 5 pm that day (it was 11 am) to get her to keep 1 ounce of fluid down, 5 goldfish, and have two wet diapers. If she did not do that, she would have to be admitted to Children's Hospital for IV fluids.

We went back home and after her nap (she was so exhausted from our trip to the drs), I worked with her to keep fluids and goldfish down, and begged her to tinkle. Not sure when I have ever cheered so loud when my kid tinkled. She was able to keep gatorade and 8 goldfish down and had one wet diaper. I was supposed to call the pediatrician if Campbell didn't have two wet diapers, but I decided against it because she was perking up already so much from being able to keep gatorade down. Today she is doing better about keeping fluids and food down, so hopefully we will be done with it soon. I have been making sure Peyton does not share ANYTHING with Campbell during this bug because I don't think I can take another round of this nasty bug. Campbell is starting to act like herself again and that just makes my heart feel so much better. Poor baby has been through a lot this past 8 days!


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