Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm so sorry...

Peyton has this new thing where if she runs into you or accidently hits you with something, she says "I'm so sorry" in this dramatic southern belle voice. I often fall over laughing when I hear and see this because it is just too cute.

Well last night, all four of us were on the bed. I was holding Campbell and Brad was trying to hold Peyton, but she was bouncing around like mad. We often joke that she has a stash of mountain dew hidden somewhere in the house because the kid is WILD. Anyways, so Peyton was bouncing around trying to body slam anything in her path. She successfully threw herself against the headboard and went flying backwards and landed on top of her baby doll. She immediately hopped up and with THE most dramatic voice said, "I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean it" and gave her baby doll a hug. Then she threw the baby doll across the room. And by the time the doll bounced off the wall and onto the floor, Peyton was already back to her body slamming already having forgotten the poor doll.

At least she tries to apologize?

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