Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who did it?

This past weekend I was able to head to the lake house (thank you Brad, mom, and Clare for babysitting) with some of my closest friends to celebrate Keely's impending nupitals. All was well when I left. Three days later I arrived home and found out that Peyton had learned a new word.

The word "No."

I almost prefer her to give me the dramatic one-eyed look accompanied by a violent head shake than tell me no. I knew what she meant when she shook her head like that. It was the one thing that we perfected as far as communication goes. Why did she have to learn the word no? Why? Now every other word out of her mouth is 'no.' It goes something like this:

Me: Ok Peyton, nap time.
Peyton: No.
Me: Yes, Peyton. You are exhausted.
Peyton: No.
Me: Peyton...
Peyton: No, no, no, no (followed by evil one-eyed look)

Or like this:

Me: Let's change your clothes sweetheart. You are just filthy.
Peyton: Oh, no way. No.
Me: Honey, please.
Peyton: Nope (then trotts off satisfied with having the last word, just like her daddy).

Somedays it's like this:

Me: Hey Peyton....
Peyton: No, no, no, no.
Me: Pey-
Peyton: No.
Me: But P-
Peyton: No!
Me: (jaw dropping in defeat)

I almost don't even bother asking her or telling her anything nowadays because I know I am going to be greeted with a big fat no. I do give her points for being adorable when she says it. But still. I could have gone without that word in her vocabulary. I was ok with this sweet angel not saying "no" to me.

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