Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Terrible Twos

That's right folks. Peyton has hit the terrible twos at 18 months old. At first I thought/hoping she was sick, but it's looking more like just a terrible phase of major grumpiness. There are very rare and very brief moments where she is a happy camper, but almost anything and everything upsets her and she launches into a full-blown temper tantrum. She gets so angry and frustrated if she can't do something by herself, or if a toy is laying the wrong way on the floor. It has gotten so bad at points, I just lay her on the floor and walk out of the room. That often surprises her and calms her down to a degree. But almost nothing is working to help her get over this stage. Her grumpiness has rendered people speechless, stunned by the dramatic flailing of arms and legs, her evil eyes, and her screaming. Who the heck are you and what have you done to my precious blue eyed blonde hair child??

I am really hoping this phase will end soon. I am exhausted between work, insomia, and not throwing up and often find myself with little patience. Thankfully Brad is around and helps with Peyton. She definitely is still a daddy's girl and I am pretty sure she always will be. Until it's time to start dating and Brad scares off all the boys with his gun.

Other than that, Peyton does love her new table that she is able to sit down at and color and eat. She loves the independence of feeding herself with her fork, so she has been more open to trying new foods and it has been going well. I desperately need to take her to the pediatrician this week for her 18 month check-up since I totally forgot about her 15 month check up. She has not been to the doctors in 8 months!

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Eliza said...

"Blue eyed blond hair"...ahem, it looks red to me momma!