Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Sweet Boy Murphy

We had to put our sweet boy Murphy to sleep yesterday. He would have been 16 in April - a truly amazing feat considering how lazy and stubborn he was, and how much he loved chocolate.
Murphy has always been my dog and after leaving for college, my mom took over and gave him all the love he could ever ask for. Though he stayed at my parents house for the remainder of his years, I always felt a special bond when I walked in and saw him. It was as if he knew I was his human and he was my dog. That special bond never once was broken. He let Peyton love on him, snuggle with him, and give him lots of kisses. He knew Peyton was my daughter and she was allowed in on those special moments. Here's a picture of Peyton with Murphy the day before he passed away. He's my sweet boy.

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