Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stranger Anxiety

Peyton has always been a people lover having never met a stranger. I was hoping she would by-pass the stranger anxiety stage but recently it has hit full force. This afternoon we made a quick run to the grocery store and she did great until we made it to the check out counter. The lady at the register could not have been any sweeter, asking Peyton how she was and what Santa was going to bring her for Christmas. Peyton made very unfriendly faces at her and looked the other way. After paying and loading up the groceries I asked Peyton if she could say bye-bye and she suddenly became the sweetest girl ever - smiled, waved, and blew kisses to everyone that looked her way. If she has such mood swings already at this age, I am in for some serious trouble when she hits the teenager years.

Brad and I had a soccer game tonight and so we had one of Peyton's favorite babysitters, Wanda, come watch her. Wanda has been sick with pneumonia and hasn't been able to come by for two weels. Peyton must have forgotten about her because when Wanda came, Peyton was not friendly at all. When it came time for me to leave, Peyton threw the biggest fit ever - screaming, crying with the biggest tears I have ever seen, hugging me and wouldn't let go. It broke my heart! Wanda told me that Peyton did eventually warm up and they had a great night together. Still, I feel so bad! Hopefully she will get over this phase soon!

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